Kirby vs Craft vs Perch

Hi All,

We’re looking at choosing a new primary CMS for our agency, we have traditionally used Perch but have become disappointed by the lack of updates / communications. Kirby seems right up our street however we’re also are aware Craft may be a suitable replacement for us. Has anybody had any experience with either platforms and then Kirby? I think we’re sold on Kirby but perhaps need some reassurance to get us over the line! Thanks

I have worked with both CMS. I think the main difference is the simplicity of Kirby 3.
I’I have never developed as quickly as with Kirby. In addition to that you also comparing a flat file based cms with a database based system. Performance wise this is a huge profit.

Enough (security)updates. New features. And perhaps the most important thing: the Kirby community. If you have a problem, there is always someone ready to help you and solve your problem.

I would say. Try it with a customer and you will experience how great it works. Your client will love the UX and simplicity of Kirby more than Craft CMS.