CMS features list and comparision

On the Kirby Website there is a features/guide section which shows what Kirby 3 is able to do. This list is nice and i like it, but i think we have to be a little bit more, lets say offensively.

Im working in a agency and we have all day long discussions about CMS systems with our clients. We have to explain why we don’t use typo3, contao or wordpress. I know it’s not easy to compare all this CMS systems with Kirby, but i think we should compile a list which helps us as developer, clients and CMS-newcomers to get a better comparish overview.

The list should not be to detailed, just show and compare features and facts… what do you think29

I totally understand why you would want such a list, but to be honest we are all not really a fan of such direct comparisons. We prefer to stay focused on Kirby and our clients and not get too distracted by competitors.

But what we already have on our todo list is a “convince your decision-makers” guide. That could include a set of arguments why Kirby works great for all sorts of client projects, with a focus on the advantages for developers, designers, clients, content editors, etc. I think that this could in fact have a positive effect on such decisions.