How does Automad compare with Kirby

I was looking at Automad the frontend is aesthetic and clean from the start, and the dashboard seems simple and professional. Does anyone have any experience with this cms and how it compares to Kirby.

Thanks for any help

I guess the only answer to that is try both out for yourself, and pick Kirby :slight_smile:

Seriously though, CMS choice is a personal and project led one - weigh up the features you need against what your trying to build and pick a tool that ticks all the boxes. Personally I’ve been using Kirby for several years now and never had a project I couldn’t do with it. One of the most awesome things about Kirby is the community - this is the fastest, most responsive bunch of guys & girls you will ever wish to meet.

I did use a earlier version of Automad years ago and it seems to have changed considerably since then. Guess what i moved on to…

Keep in mind that unless you use pre-made themes the general way of dealing with stuff is the same. I.e. you usually write your own templates and CSS (and also have to deal with finding the best way of making your images responsive, if that is why you are looking for alternatives).

Thanks James, yes you’re right, community is very important, and often overlooked. So as long as there’s someone to talk to I’ll stay with Kirby

Lovely… Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: