Convince client to go for a new site with Kirby

We’ve created a couple of sites now with Kirby, and we’re totally hooked. We proposed a new client to develop the website using Kirby cms. They had never heard about Kirby, and are a bit reluctant. Their main question: is it safe, as in: how can we be sure Kirby will not stop to exist in the coming years. I will talk about the fact that Kirby has been rocking it for 7 years now, about the fact that it has a great community and fantastic support. How would you sell your product? Are there any stats available? Can you give us some nice arguments? :slight_smile: Thanks!

We put this together a while ago, which is based on feedback from our users:

And also our Roadmap with long term commitment:

Security aspects: Safety aspects of kirby (compared to...)

What sort of stats? Number of websites in the wild? Sold licenses? I thought we had some data somewhere, but I can’t find it anymore and would probably be outdated by now anyway.

Somewhat curious to this as well. Just because it got mentioned.


I myself am in the middle of giving Kirby a decent try to make it become my goto CMS. As for reasons to convince clients (and myself) here are some, measured against WP with heavy use of Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Kirby pro’s:

  • It’s lightweight and its fast (so potentially better userexperience and better search indexing)
  • It’s easier to maintain, no database fuss (unless you choose to go that route)
  • Custom fields, extending fields, relational data comes out-of-the-box
  • Unclutterd and highly customizable backend interface and layouts (per client of you like)
  • Smaller, but active and very driven community
  • Lesser updates (unlike WP and a lot of their community themes and plugins)

So basically, once you get to know Kirby the overhead in development, updates and growing a site, extending the backend is, to me, faster (so less costs) in many ways while staying lightweight.

I’m in the middel of getting comfortable with Kirby, but I see all of its pro’s for me. If I can mold it to my likings, this will become my goto CMS.