Kirby User with children?

I need to build a small portal where a lot of data needs to be stored for each user. Can a user in Kirby have child elements like a normal page? Unfortunately I can’t store everything in structure fields in the user, that would be too much and also too complicated to handle.

Or what is a good way to implement something like this? A user and a seperate folder in the content assigned to it, however that should work then :sweat_smile:


No, users cannot have child pages (there is also no children method). It could probably be achieved via a custom user model.

And yes, you could assign a normal page to a child, e.g. via a pages field, through which you can automatically link to it.

Thanks for your answer. That’s what I thought! Is there already an idea for this on Nolt or is something like this not even needed by the most users?

I guess if it was a widely needed feature, there would already be a request for it (haven’t checked). But if there isn’t, you can of course create a feature request if you think it is needed.

Have nothing found but created one: Possibility that a Kirby user has child pages · Kirby Feedback