⚡ Kirby Reporter Plugin - Report Issues from the Panel



This Kirby 3 Plugin enables you and your clients to report issues or feature requests to your desired issue tracker – Directly from the panel! This might come very handy for you or your clients :slight_smile:

Currently there are two supported platforms: Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket Cloud

Available translations:

  • Deutsch
  • English

I’ld like to discuss a little idea with you guys:

Do you think we should enable users to report issues? I guess it might make sense after a new project was released or to collect user feedback in general.

(Bad) Mock


  • provide a snippet which can be used in any template location
  • make it configurable so that you can decided when, where and how long this snippet should be visbile

Feedback very much appreciated!

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Good Morning,

I just shipped version 1.1.0 of my Kirby Reporter Plugin. The focus of this releases was to add Bitbucket Cloud to the list of supported vendors.

In addition, I refactored the underlying application design and added a basic test suite to increase the overall stability :partying_face:

This is a very interresting plugin. Thanks for sharing!

A few questions or ideas:

Would it be possible to integrate custom fields with this plugin? I’m thinking about having the description split into multiple fields like a text field plus a browser and a os select. The extension would have to combine the resulting content into a single text blob before posting to the external service of course (using Markdown headline for instance). This would allow for very finetuned issue templates, especially when taking conditional fields into account.

Also, the plugin seems to currently offer a custom view only. It would be interesting to have a reporter section as well. This section could be manually integrated into certain pages in the panel and could also offer addtional settings for the resulting issue (like setting tags or assigning team members).

Hi @nilshoerrmann,

Thank you so much for your input!

Custom fields

I think that they are totally doable, but I guess we need some kind of middleware to mediate between all parties because every vendor has a slightly different API. Let us take the descripton field as example:

As of today the issue form produces the follwing payload:

    "title" : String,
    "description": String

Github needs the description as body.

    "title" : String,
    "body": String

Bitbucket Cloud wants:

    "title" : String,
    "description": {
        "content": {
            "raw": String

So we need some kind of mapping mechanism, right? I wrote something which is actually in use to do that kind of job and could be enhanced to deal with more complex mappings but the developer (or customer) still needs to read the API specs in order to create a valid mapping.

We could read mappings from a file or by providing a custom mappings page.


Your second point is also legit and I think I’ll pick it up once I’ve figured out how the sections stuff is working :wink:

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So we need some kind of mapping mechanism, right?

I was thinking of it more like a formatter for the hardcoded description field. Say I would be able to define fields for reporter like this:

      type: text
      type: select
        - Chrome
        - Firefox
        - Safari

The user would then see two fields in the panel and upon save they would be concated by reporter, something like:

# Issue

Here is my issue description.

# Browser


This would then become the value of what is currently represented by the hardcoded description field.

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Ah okay, now I got it! A configurable issue template with predefined data from which the user can choose from.

That idea is awesome… will totally do that :muscle:

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Another week, another release. You can now customize the form by adding your own fields and have full control over the created issue template.

Special thanks to @nilshoerrmann who came up with this great idea!


This week seems to be very productive :slight_smile:

Reporter 1.3.0 is here and brings a Preview Feature.

You have now the ability to preview your issue details before submitting it. This allows you to fine tune and debug your issue template without hesitation.

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I just published version Kirby Reporter 1.3.3

This is release contains a small bugfix which was provided by @felixhaeberle. Kirby Reporter will now be installed correctly to /sites/plugins if installed using composer.

Today I published Kirby Reporter 1.3.4

This release deals with a major issue and fixes the plugin installation via composer.

It is now possible to install the plugin using composer require gearsdigital/kirby-reporter without breaking the whole site :see_no_evil:

I added also an example configuration.


Say hello to Kirby Reporter 2.0.0

As you may have guessed this release contains a Breaking Change:

I renamed the property kirby-reporter.disabled to kirby-reporter.enabled (#24) which makes much more sense now. Reporter is still not enabled by default and you need to set kirby-reporter.enabled explictly to true in order to use the Reporter .

The second major change is, that you can now use a Reporter section. This allows you, for example, to easily add a Feedback-Tab to your site.yml . More integrated. More possibilities.

Shout out to @nilshoerrmann for the Inspiration!

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