Kirby Panel Login - Requires Email

Hi - I’ve been a long time user of kirby & panel. I originally created a user with a username only, and it seems at some point through upgrades that has been converted into an email login requirement.

How would I login to my panel without an email? Or alternatively, create a new user without routing through the panel?


More than just the username to email has changed from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3. There is a script in our migration guide how to update users, but that’s probably overkill for a single user.

The easiest option would be to

  • remove the existing user account
  • temporarily set the panel.install option in your config.php to true: panel | Kirby CMS
  • Visit /panel which will redirect you to the install screen so that you can create a new user
  • remove the setting from your config again.