Kirby panel content saved to local storage?

I think I have read somewhere that Kirby panel stores the content temporary in the local storage so no data is lost if for example the panel is reloaded.

Is it saved in local storage?

Here I have a screenshot of how it looks like in Chrome developer tool. Some values in local storage but nothing about panel content. What did I miss?

The message above says “You have changes that has not been saved!”.

Have a look at the network requests …

This is how it looks like in resources. Nothing here on local storage. I checked the other stuff as well (cookies for example)

This is how my network tab looks like

I clicked around, found nothing.

  1. Any ideas?
  2. Is it saved in local storage, or a cookie, or a session?

As @texnixe wrote, the changes are sent to the server and then stored in the session of the current user.

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@texnixe didn’t write that.

Thanks for the info anyway! :slight_smile:

She did:

The Panel sends a keep request with the data.

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Sorry for not being more elaborate. The keep request is triggered when the user either changes focus or leaves the page, not as soon as the user enters any content in any field.

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