Content Not Syncing

Hi, there. I am having trouble syncing content between a Local and a Dev server. I’m syncing my content folder via Transmit. All of the content seems to in each .txt file locally but my local server (via Valet) doesnt seem to want to show that content! Im stumped.

My workflow currently has a client updating content on the Dev server and Im updating templates and assets on the local Server.

I used to use this type of workflow often in Kirby 2.0, but perhaps things have changed with 3.0?


If stuff doesn’t update although it is definitely in the content folder, then it’s probably a caching issue. Make sure you don’t have caching enabled in the config.

Roger that. Is there a way to clear caching via the Panel now? Or via a folder wipe of /site/cache?

I’m clearly far too stuck in my 2.0 ways! :smiley:

The cache is usually automatically cleared when content changes. You should disable caching in your local environment which can be done using an extra config file for localhost.

(This option already existed in Kirby 2)

There is no built-in way to clear the cache via the Panel, but it is possible to use a plugin to do so.

Thanks for this. I’ve added the /site/config/config.php file and confirmed that its loaded (I was using plainkit). But Content still didn’t display.

I realized the issue. Nova wasn’t doing a full sync, so I had duplicate content folder numbers and files. Whoops!