Content not updating within the control panel, but actions are being performed


I am having a strange bug that I can’t quite figure out.

I am running a site using Kirby 3. Everything was running fine when I initially deployed the site about a year ago. I’m trying to update some content within the panel, but when I make changes, these changes are not reflected within the panel, however the action seems to be performed, and I can view the changes if I login with an anonymous browser window.

For example, we have a section called “staff” which has listings of people with a job title and portrait. If I delete the portrait, nothing happens. But then if I click on the portrait, it says the image can’t be found. Then, if I upload a new portait, the old portait remains. Then, when I login again from an anonymous browser window, I can see that the portrait has changed.

It seems to me that I am somehow viewing a cached version of the panel and it won’t let me refresh it.

I’m not really sure how to begin troubleshooting this, so any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Have you checked OPcache: