Kirby on a PHP 7 server

Hi, I have a client that has php 7.2.18 installed and saw that the latest version of kirby requires php 8 what is the most recent version of Kirby that I can use on this php server?

3.4.x, but not recommended, there have been security updates since and 7.2 has reached EOL quite a while ago. Better check if PHP can be updated or use another hosting service.

They’re going to move to a different hosting service but have an annual contract unfortunately. I’ve had them up the php version to 7.4 is kirby 3.4.x still the last version I could use?

No, PHP 7.4 was only dropped with Kirby 3.8 (the version released yesterday). So you can use up to 3.7.5.

However, I’d try to get out of the contract if they don’t offer PHP 8.x on the notion that 7.4 will be end of life next month which means that it doesn’t get any security support anymore.