Kirby license discount

Dear Kirby community,

I started out with Kirby yesterday and found out that the workflow is quite amazing.
Therefore I would like to buy a license for a schoolproject as a student because I read on the site that a discount might be possible.

I mailed the Kirby support team 24 hrs ago but didn’t receive a reply. The problem is that I don’t have too long to make a decision and the €99 is too much.

Anybody has experience concerning this? What would be the price difference and what are the requirements?

Thanks in advance!

@bastianallgeier is currently at a conference in Nottingham and I don’t have any information about the discounts. I’m sure he’ll get back to you soon.


Hey Bruno! I’m really sorry but I just checked and I haven’t received you email. We give away free licenses for all school projects. Could you please send me another mail at: and I will create the license for you.