Kirby Kosmos is awesome! - Do you have more stuff like it?

Kirby Kosmos by @texnixe is great. It contains Kirby plugins, Kirby themes and Kirby sites, but also new things around html, css, js, browser extensions, security etc.

I’m hungry for more. Do you have any source to good stuff similar to Kirby Kosmos (without the Kirby related things)?

I can start with sharing one source that I think is really nice:

With that said, Kirby Kosmos is very unique. It has the Kirby stuff that can’t be found anywhere else. Apon that, it’s a perfect mix of everything.

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I keep an eye on the twitter feeds of Smashing Magazine and Speckyboy. They often post stuff on there ahead of collating it into a formal article, Speckyboy in particular.

Although try to avoid jQuery these days, Unheap is a good place to find plugins.

If i am struggling on a design for a new site, i usually head to SiteInspire to get some inspiration and the juices flowing.

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Friend of mine has a newsletter/youtube-show-thing where he talks about cool stuff in the design/tech world. Not sure if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for though.

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Don’t miss the Web Development Reading List by @helloanselm. Great stuff!


I’ve been discovering a lot of interesting design tidbits via Rachel Andrew’s CSS Layout News.


I can add two more that I’ve found:


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@jenstornell I wonder why this guy in the video barks all the time like a cheapjack…


Jokes aside was looking at the video right now and wondering the same.

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LOL! :smiley:

I don’t know this guy, but I guess he is a salesman more than a technician.

The videos from the recent Front End United talks are on youtube now, very interesting!

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Definitely and

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Bruce Lawson’s reading list is also a great resource of fresh links:

Be sure to check it out (or subscribe with RSS) if you are into the accessibility-side of web things!

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Of course, there’s always the incredibly deep (and wide) articles on A List Apart.

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Two more:

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I was going to post FrontEnd Focus too, it’s a great list.

A bit different but I like listening to on my way to work. It’s mostly JS driven but many episodes can be applied to many languages. Since it’s also run by two self employed people they often talk about business.

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This is a new website I’ve just launch today:

This Kirby website is dedicated to web developers. On this website, I publish a weekly curated list of links to help you do your technological monitoring. The whale contains articles, resources, event and job announcements.

You can follow The whale in different ways: