Kirby Keyword Map - SEO panel field - Version 0.5

It’s time for a new plugin. It’s a keyword map seo panel field.



  • Support for structure fields
  • Support for multiple keyword maps
  • Support for mutiple words in a keyword phrase
  • Support for multi languages
  • Highlights both keywords in tags and text.
  • Counters for matched words.
  • Will ignore these characters -#,.!?()[].
  • Possible to show or hide the preview and just show the keywords.


I learned alot when making Kirby Keyword Density which became a bit buggy actually. This time around I think I’ve done a much more solid field.

I extend the tags field which saved both work and code. I also use mark.js which also saved alot of work. It’s used to mark keywords in a text and it does it beautifully.


I am a tiny bit confused about this plugin. Are you suggesting that someone would use this to generate their “Keywords” meta tag? Google announced back in 2009 that “Keywords” have no influence on your organic search ranking.

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@louiswalch @Svnt

No. As you said the keywords tag has been unused by Google for many years.

I should probably explained it better. It’s a helper in your panel. It’s a preview of your textarea where it highlights the words or phrases you add.


  • cheap cars
  • volvo


We are a company that are selling Volvo cars.
These cars are really stable and family friendly.
Our cars also have a very good price.

If you want to rank on cheap cars and volvo you need to include these words in your text. It can be hard to spot them in the text. You probably need to read the whole text to see if you have included them.

In this case volvo is included one time but cheap cars is not in there. Instead it says good price. In this case it means pretty much the same thing but Google is a robot and is not always smart enough to figure it out.

In the screenshot below we don’t need to read our text to see if our keywords are there. They are already marked up live as we add them or change our text.

Ah! Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.

Version 0.2

It fixes a major bug that made the field not work in single language installations.

A new feature is also added: If a tag keyword is found in the text, the tag will be highlighted with green color.



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Version 0.3

  • Minor fixes
  • Matches counters added

Version 0.4

To make it even more visual where the keywords are, every keyword now get an own color. It’s made by some clever automatic string hash to color calculations. It may look kind of like a rainbow, but it increases readability.


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Version 0.5 released


  • Updated limiters with !?()[] characters which means that it will match the keywords better.
  • Changed cursor to not-allowed to make the preview look a bit less editable.
  • Possible to toggle the preview on/off. Good for long texts.
  • Toggle mode is saved to local storage to be remembered in the next refresh.

i tried out that plugin, after saving a few keywords i constantly get logged out without getting anything saved.

I use this plugin myself on one or two sites and I don’t have had the same problem with it. On the other hand, I have been experienced the same problem in the panel and it always feels quite random when it happends. It seems to be javascript related quite often. Sometimes it helps just clearing the cookies for some reason.

It’s not much of a help but I hope and think that problems like this will not appear in Kirby 3.

Sorry for not being able to help out.