Kirby 3 Seobility - Keyword check

I am creating posts for my plugins to make it easier to find them using the forum search and not just the docs search.

This plugin is still WIP as I did not add the paid API yet but the keywordchecker field does already work. Please note that the non-paid version scrappes the html of the online webtools. They got in touch with me and it’s not blocked for now but that might change. Please consider upgrading to a paid account if you use the field a lot.


Add the field to your blueprint.


  keywordcheck: # the field id must be exactly like this
    label: Keywordcheck
    type: keywordcheck

Enter keywords(s) in the panel. Save and get a score. Clicking on the score will take you to new browser tab with the full report.


You can also read the score with a pagemethod if you need it in you business logic.

any template

echo $page->keywordcheckScore();
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:heart: Seobility was nice enough to provide me with a free api key so i can continue to work on the plugin and add the paid features.

v1.2.0 adds paid api keywordcheck

v1.3.0 adds paid api real time SERP ranking


v1.4.0 adds paid term suggestions


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