Kirby Serp - A new SEO plugin tool

Kirby Serp


Kirby Serp is an SEO tool that is placed in yourdomain/serp by default.
You need to be logged in to access it.

Kirby Serp is compatible with Kirby SEO, so they complete each other well. It includes many options and many feature ideas in the issues list.

Read more about it here:

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Verision 0.2 is here



  • Click to open navigation for each item instead of hover.
  • Config option for title and description fallbacks.
  • Navigation tabs is added and includes home and warnings so far.
  • Removed plugin.serp.collection and replaced it with plugin.serp.filter.query and it now allows filter logic.
  • Changed flag names from warning and danger to major and minor.

Now it looks like this: