Kirby Jumplist - quick navigation between pages

Version 1.5.0 of the "jumplist" is now live with an extra option to be set in config.php

  Jumplist settings

  #kirbyJumplistLength -> max. of pages in one row (integer)
  #kirbyJumplistSubmenu -> show / hide the submenus (1 / -1)
  #kirbyJumplistHide -> hide / show "status > invisible" pages (1 / -1)
-------------------------------------------------- */

c::set("kirbyJumplistLength", 10);
c::set("kirbyJumplistSubmenu", 1);
c::set("kirbyJumplistHide", 1);

When you set the last parameter kirbyJumplistHide to 1, all pages with status : invisible (set from the panel, not the hide : true from the bluerpint) are hidden in the list.

As you can see, this setting only affects the status : invisible and not hide : true, because I can’t figure out how to read the hide : true status from a page.

I’ve tried this forum, Google, Kirby docs, “find in all files @git” but I can not find any clue how to read out that particular value, sorry.

Thanks a lot for your quick update, it does the job :wink:

I am not sure if this update does the job.

You can hide pages using two different techniques;

blueprinthide : true
panelstatus : invisible

The first one hides the page from the panel, where the second one hides the pages from the front-end.

The plugin-update only hides pages in the jumplist which are hidden, using the second technique.

So all pages hidden in the panel (set by the blueprint) are still visible in the jumplist.

It’s somewhat confusing that a page can be both hidden and invisible - and I can’t figure out how to read the hide : true status from a blueprint, using .php (apart from using curl of file_get_contents() which goes far beyond the purpose).