Kirby-FacebookEvents Version

This plugin does one simple thing: Using the Facebook Graph API to get events from a Facebook page.

All instructions of how to setup are on Github:


Your result could look like this: Using the handsome starterkit

Future improvements

  • [x] Make call asynchronous (done in v2.0.0)

v2.0.0 - Added asynchronous call functionality

I found some time to work on the plugin and publish version 2.0.0. You can now send your api call asynchronous via ajax. Thus your page does not need to wait for a facebook api response in order to start render your website.

If you upgrade from 1.0.0 this version might break things :wink:

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There was a question in the forum: Create Kirby content from facebook events

And is are facing the problem right now: you have to maintain a website but every content is created by the Facebook crew… and nobody wants to copy&paste (check for updates, or deleted photos…) all that sh***. So i found your plugin but started one that creates content… so it “want fade away and needs no work”. This should be a series of “get my content back from vendor lockin and social network data owning”-plugins. :wink: instagram looks like my next ‘target’.
But it’s not ready for a public release yet and maybe never will…

thank you for pushing me the right way.


is your plugin still working?

i got just ‘false’ results (errno7!?) requesting the facebook API by cURL in PHP since some days.
Strange, because the request URL works in browser.

Maybe some issue with SSL certs, or misconfigured cUrl Opts… haven’t figured it out completely ATM. :confused:


Jea you’re right currently it is also not working for me. Maybe the Facebook-Graph-API got a recent change. Have to look deeper into it when I find time within the next few days.

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I have opened another topic with some test code: Problem with cURL

Yesterday evening i wasted again some hours with no luck.


works again. they changed API vom V 2.8 to 2.9.

Yea I noticed that they changed something in their API that broke the plugin but now it does work again like before.

I noticed that the Facebook API made a small little tweak to its API. The response object is now sorted from newest to oldest (instead of oldest to newest).

I bumped the version to v2.0.1 to implement this little change.

FB killed it… thanks to CambridgeAnalytica…

We need “app review” now… but i have no idea how to do this… this sucks so hard…