Kirby editor column block with full text editing capabilities?

Hi there, so after working out the CTA button block for the Kirby editor, I was taking up the table example and wanted to reduce it to simple flex-based div column layout the user can use.

It’s kinda working (although it looks still a bit broken), but one thing I am really missing - and that’s my question as well - is how I can enable the fully fledged text edit functionality in the column, so people can add images, format text and so on?

It almost sounds like I need to be able to build blocks in my block element and in theory it is a layout block, so I am not quite sure if this is even possible to do with Kirby editor…

A test image:

Here’s the Repo:

Any help is highly appreciated and helps bringing this block to life!

Doesn’t answer your question, but Kirby 3.5 will have layout and blocks fields:

Release on Tuesday.

There will be no future for the Editor.


Holy sh*t! Best christmas gift ever!!!


Just a question here: do you know if it’s possible to use the editor and the blocks feature? Because I really love how natural and humane the editor is in comparison to the Blocks feature which is again far away from enabling to just work with the content…