Kirby Docs Blog Site

Hello, i cant finde the Blog site in the Kirby Docs. This was the old link
what is the new Link?


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is the cookbook Category new?

Yes, haven’t you read the latest Kirby Kosmos edition yet :wink: ?

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i have Subscribed but i dont god a Email :open_mouth:

Maybe it ended up in your spam folder?

Hmm, no i dont :confused:

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but same here. I had subscribed since Kosmos #1, but didn’t receive the second edition.

@Malvese CampaignMonitor says that you have unsubscribed from the newsletter on July 1, right after the first episode.

@thesmithy The email was sent to both your and ProtonMail addresses.

ya i saw it :joy: but i dont want the Kirby Komos mails in my Spam Folder, How can i change that?

Thanks for checking!
Interesting. I received the first one on two email adresses, so I unsubscribed one of them. Is it possible it unsubscribed both?
Anyway, I re-subscribed a day or two ago so I should get the next one.

That depends on your email provider. Sometimes it helps to add the sender address to your email address book.

One of them was probably an address you used to buy Kirby, the other one was used to directly subscribe to Kosmos. Maybe you unsubscribed the latter. :slight_smile:

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what is the Email Adresse, From The Kirby Newsletter?

Edit: i have add to my Guestbook, on ProtonMail its called Contacts

@thesmithy is the correct one.