Kirby compared to WordPress

The idea of this thread is for previous WordPress users to say what Kirby gave to them that WordPress could not. In general, the benefits of Kirby over WordPress.

Insane speed mostly. The last Wordpress site i tested scored just 33.


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Some non-obvious advantages i’ve experienced.

Wordpress needs much more maintenance. It needs to be updated and db has to be kept alive. I have Kirby sites that i haven’t touched for 4 years that are still live and well with owners adding new content.

It is much easier to take old Kirby website and edit/update/redesign it - even for a third party. I’ve successfully completely redesigned old Kirby based websites while leaving most of the old content the same. And i have also stopped working on some Kirby sites and someone else came and build on that without single question. In my experience it’s easy even for PHP programmers that never worked with Kirby.

Also for myself it’s much easier to come to 3year old Kirby project and update something there. I dread to come back and change something in 3 year old WP theme that i’ve coded because i always break something.

Wordpress theme redesign usually means trashing the old site and somehow migrating old data.

The two main reasons for this are

  • There are very few abstractions in Kirby - code is much more straightforward “naked”. In WP there are 10 frameworks that all do things differently and are their own worlds. You never know what you are getting into.
  • Kirby content folder is basically very structured database. In wordpress content is often just big pile of unstructured rows that are tied to pieces of UI.

Reason 1: Security

Reason 2: Reliability
We have a client that has had the same Kirby 2 site for almost 5 years now. We’ve begged and begged for them to update it: it’s really old codebase now, and they need to update it to get speed & SEO up to current standards. They don’t want to, because “it works just great”. How many WordPress sites do we have that are > 2 years old? None.

Reason 3: Flexibility , without compromising code quality. Every plugin you have to install in a WordPress site adds to the complexity of the system, increases maintenance, and makes the site less secure and more prone to bugs. There is no way to build even a simple WordPress site without dozens of plugins. Kirby, on the other hand, is a complete framework that allows us to build amazingly complex sites without having to rely on dozens of third-party add-ons even for the most basic functionality.

Reason 4: Client Empowerment - our Kirby clients use and update their websites more regularly than their WordPress clients, and are much more likely to ask us for upgrades and enhancements. In general, they feel happier and more ‘in control’ of their own site.