Pro's and con's Kirby vs Wordpress

Hi there,

i currently have a website in Wordpress but was browsing the internet and found Kirby. Now i was wondering what the biggest pro’s and con’s would be for using Kirby over Wordpress. My programming skills are pretty basic but not zero. Thanks for taking your time to respond.

Hey, welcome to the forum!

Having worked with Kirby for about 3 years now, I can honestly say I have never had so much fun building websites. It’s fast, it’s light weight, there is no database involved (but you can connect to one easily if you need to) and it’s very secure. It’s flat files too, so you can keep everything under source control. The community is amazing and very helpful. The few times I asked questions on the Wordpress forum, I was met with rudeness and sarcasm.

All I can say is try it! Once you start, you won’t want to go back.


Thanks for the reply, i guess i just have to start a testserver and try it out :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind reply @jimbobrjames. It’s definitely better to hear such voices directly from the community than getting biased opinions from us :slight_smile:

I can only recommend to give it a try as well! You are free to try it locally as long as you want.
We also recently started working on a features and advantages overview, which you can check out here:

Let us know if you have any further questions!


No problem @bastianallgeier I missed something out… It always amazes me just how much you can get done with Kirby without reaching for a plugin. There is so much flexibility in the core features, that often you don’t need one. This in stark contrast to the Wordpress philosophy of “theres a plugin for that”. I love that I can craft a panel that reflects the site i’m building and the needs of the client.

This is one of the core reasons i want to move away from wordpress a bit. Some plugins are amazing but once they stop getting updated, you are on your own.

@bastianallgeier thanks for the link, i will definitely start trying this out for me and clients.



Nice to hear that.
You are welcome here anytime with any questions you might have.