Kirby + Bootstrap, make navbar not load everytime. Also, optimizing rendering time?

Hey all,
I’ve finished a website on Kirby just now. Everything came together quite well, but ofc there are always little details that jump out when one has spent so much time working on the same thing.

One of them is the fact that my navbar reloads on every hyperlink click, including navbar-menu clicks, which are meant to only render new content below. The website is built with Bootstrap, and it features the well-known fixed header approach. I was wondering if there is a way with Kirby to selectively load only the content below?

The other point is: I have noticed that the website doesn’t load in a uniform way, but rather in a spotty manner. By that I mean that for example in one of the sections with links, the unlinked text loads first and the links shortly after. This gives the website a bit of a hacky feel. I have fixed this by adding a CSS animation that fades the content in, but it is still slightly noticeable depending on internet speed.
I was wondering if there is a way to improve this? I am guessing this happens because the browser is fetching the content on everyload and the PHP has to be processed everytime? I thought maybe the cache would help with this. I know minimizing the code helps with this kind of problem in CSS and JS, is there something similar to make Kirby faster?

Thanks for reading.

The fixed header doesn’t mean that the header is not loaded on page reload, but only that it stays in a fixed position.

Yes, but that has nothing to do with Kirby or no Kirby, but with the way your load your stuff. To only load the content into a page, you need a JavaScript approach, e.g. build a Single Page Application.

Not using Bootstrap will also reduce the amount of stuff that has to be loaded.

You can cache your HTML to prevent PHP having to render the page on each page load.

You can do it with something like Barba. If you attatch it to the middle of your page, barba will swap the middle out when you move between pages, without the slight flash you describe.