Loading php after page is loaded

I’m wondering if it possible to load some parts of content dynamically.

For example I have some table that could be loaded after all main content of the page is already loaded.

I’m found some jquery function
But not understand how to implement it with Kirby

$(document).ready(function() {
      url: 'http://example.com/myphp.php?nice=1149632',
      success: function(data) {
    beforeSend: function(){
        //show loading here

Yes, that is certainly possible using lazy loading techniques, in this context probably content representations and AJAX.

Just keep in mind that if these tables contain content that might affect SEO, you would have to keep that in mind.

What is your reasoning behind loading this stuff later? The sheer size of these tables? Is there probably other stuff that needs more attention like images, scripts etc. that could be more critical?

The main reason that this table should give info related to IP address (geobased).

Right now, when site is loading it takes 600ms to get response from server. And only after that it start generate html. That is why I wish to load this table after page is loaded.

I’m already create load more listings on site but this script working only for pagination and some event like click on button.

And now would be great to have ability load some parts of site asynchronous. This should help speed up site loading I think :thinking:

Here is my site https://betpokies.com
And if check it to page speed insights it will shows slow server response time. I’m asked already hosting support and they told me that the problem not with server the problem with script response… so I think that this problem with api answer about user country based on IP.