Kirby 4 license activation and panel exclusion in production (sanity check)

I have a Kirby 3.9.6 website in production.

In my local environment, I upgraded to v4.1 to test the panel. I want to keep the panel only locally.
Can I activate Kirby without activating the panel on production?
Also, can I exclude the panel folder when updating my production website using rsync, while keeping my local setup with the panel for content editing?

I’m seeing these alerts and probably these are because on my local environment I do not have HTTPS, and running the server with the CLI. Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Yes, you can download your license in the license hub, see docs Get up and running | Kirby CMS

No, but you can disable the Panel.

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Thanks, I made it. The license is active, I fixed the system warning (mainly because of nginx config) and disabled the panel :slight_smile: