Kirby 4.0.0-rc.1

We are moving into the final stages and we still plan to release v4 this year. But the end of this year is getting closer and there’s the magic mid December deadline when mentally everyone has already left the office.

We could probably keep on releasing betas for weeks. With all the moving parts in Kirby, there will always be that one last problem that we would love to solve. But we are confident that this version has reached a point that is more than stable and reliable enough to be done.

We still work on the docs, site and licenses and it will be a tight race to get it all finished. We will also keep on having more RCs. Probably weekly from here on.

If you are a plugin developer, please help us out with compatibility reports. We would love to get a good list of compatible plugins ready for the launch.

That’s it for today. Have fun with the RC!