Kirby 4.0.0-beta.3

Hey everyone,

We are in the lucky position that quite a few of you already test v4 extensively and also use it for their public projects. This already uncovered a lot of issues in the last weeks and we were quite busy fixing them. I guess we are at the famous last 10% right now :sweat_smile:

We also really want to get this release right for you and couldn’t stop ourselves from adding a few more of your ideas and wishes and also a few more of ours.

Today, it’s finally time for beta 3 and I think you will like the release notes:

This release also includes the new lab with extensive examples and docs of our panel design system and interface components: ⁠journal⁠ After you’ve installed beta 3, you can reach the lab at /panel/lab.

In the meantime, we’ve also started working on the docs and the license hub in the background. There are still a lot of open tasks left, but the list is shrinking.