Kirby 3.8.3 is here!

Kirby 3.8.3 is here :rocket:


:female_detective: Optional chaining and simple comparisons for the query language
:hook:New hooks for page rendering and languages
:nerd_face: A new optional, built-in UUID v4 mode
:elephant: A new mastodon icon
:heavy_plus_sign: A handy new button to add new blocks

… and more!

We are always happy for feedback. Let us know how you like it.


FYI- Where else on your website does it actually state that you have a new version of the CMS out? Not on the home page, the download page, the info page. In fact even after downloading, there is no indication that I can find shows the version of the CMS.

Why is this?

You can find the latest version on the top left of our Reference. It links to the release notes on GitHub. On the GitHub Releases page you can also always find the latest releases. Another place is the Security page on our site, primarily for the security status of each version.

Once you install Kirby, you can find the current version in the System view in the Panel. There you will also find information about the update status, so you can quickly check if your installation is out of date or even possibly affected by a vulnerability. Alternatively, you can find the currently installed version in the file kirby/composer.json.