Kirby 3.7 and rounded corners

I have to say the new rounded corners caught me a little off guard.

I’m sure I can get used to it, but I greatly prefer sharp corners for how clean and elegant they are and I do not consider rounded corners to be more refined.

I really consider the previous UI to be perfect, as in the sense of “nothing to take away”, and feel the rounding of corners to be rather superfluous.

It feels like “change for change’s sake” to me.

UI changes will always be a matter of taste to a certain extend. We try to design and build Kirby in a way that makes most people happy while working with it. I guess we can never really make everyone 100% happy though.

The good part about the rounded corners is that they are super easy to switch off now, while it was really hard before to add them if you wanted them.

You can add your own panel.css and add the following rules:

:root {
  --rounded-xs: 0;
  --rounded-sm: 0;
  --rounded: 0;
  --rounded-md: 0;

This will take care of removing any kind of rounded corners in our UI.

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Thanks, good to know on the corner removal.