Kirby 2.3 - Thumbs in other language does not generate

When not in the default language (default is sv) in my modal it shows an empty thumbnail, even after multiple refreshes.

When switching to the default language and show the modal it generates the thumbnail:

When switching back to the other language again it continues to work:

This probably means that the thumb generation does not get triggered from another language than default? At least not in all cases.

This might be the problem

When visiting the thumbnail on other language it does not work and the url is:


When visiting the default language the thumbnail generates correctly. When visiting the other language again the url is:


So when in another language it tries to generate the thumbnail with a translated url which probably leads to somewhere where it cannot generate a thumbnail.

When it’s on the default language it can generate the thumbnail because it’s the original / folder uri.

Then when switching back it presents the correct url because it’s after the generation.


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