Kaunos Theme - HTTP ERROR 500


I apologize in advance if this line of inquiry is due to any fault of my lack of knowledge of Kirby.
I am new to the platform, and have only a rudimentary knowledge of HTML/CSS coding.

I am troubleshooting issues with Kirby on Mac OS Sierra using MAMP.

I am trying to set up a theme “Velox” that I purchased today, which is leading straight to the error page upon attempted load. The StarterKit welcome screen and panel, etc. all works perfectly in the kirby-2.5.10 download, however.
As a way to test the overall setup, I downloaded the free Kaunos theme and imported it to the htdocs folder where I’m running everything. Trying this only gives me the “http error 500” in Chrome. I have rebooted, changed port numbers, and updated PHP to 7.0 to no effect.

Any recommendations or known solutions are welcome!

When you download the Kaunos theme, the Panel and Kirby folders are empty, so you would have to replace them from a Starterkit or from GitHub.

As regards the Velox theme, I can’t tell. Maybe check those folders as well, but if they are missing, you wouldn’t get to the error page, so I assume its something different. Please contact the theme developer.

Usually, running Kirby on a Mac with Mamp doesn’t required any additional settings.

I am owner of that theme :slight_smile:
You can contact with me via email ; aristotheme@gmail.com

Thanks texnixe,

I really just didn’t realize those folders were empty! I might suggest an addition to the readme to aristotheme. Obviously this is not related to the issue with the Velox theme, so I’ve reached out to the developer of that as well.

Thanks again!