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Shuffle is an amazing theme for kirby. Maybe you did not see the update for kirby3:

As far as i know, there is no dedicated community for this theme.
Since i’m not a developer but an experienced user, i learn much right now and with this thread i would like to get in touch to other users of this theme to help each other in design-questions and maybe in new templates, snippets, integration of addons, bug-fixes, and so on.

  • bugs:

    1. For example in v2.03 there is a bug in cover-003.php: the scroll-button does not force a scrolling effect. it just reloads page. Since the same effect seems to be implemented in cta-001.php (and it works there), the code needs just to be copied?

    2. in text-fields, parts with headings seem to ignore chosen font - same on links in navbar. on the webpage there is standard browser-font instead of chosen one

    3. In cover-003 the settings “Font option” + “font family” and “choose a icon” and “ratio” don’t have any effect on the button. (settings are stored to file, but template does not show)

  • ideas

    1. HTML and/or Markup use on title fields to style text and insert links, for example in templates: title-001, cover-001, cover-003, image-003
    2. background images in nearly all templates… for example: news, titles, texts, footer
    3. option to choose individual fonts for text-fields, for example in text-template
    4. social-icons on mobile menu
    5. news template
      • pagination
      • linking to author-page on author-name
      • author-avatar
      • excerpts/description
    6. Feature templates
      • Links behind each feature / Card
      • icon and Title AND a smaller sub-TEXT
    7. Image-template
      • Button under text in text area
      • Vertical/horizontal Position of images in image templates (sometimes text is bigger than image, then image is always on top and not for example centered)
      • Custom Link on image-click
    8. a new FAQ-template with expanding text areas and TOC with question-links scrolling to the answers
    9. widgets/cards for events with start-/end-date, start-/end-time, location, title, infotext, custom info fields and/or icons like “reachable by wheelchair”, file attachment.
    10. calender overview
    11. possibility to grid elements/templates side by side (for example “left 1/2 features - right 2/2 gallery” or “left 1/2 text - right 2/2 CTA”) on large screen
    12. background-images across multiple sections
    13. Cover-Templates
      • NewTemplate: Cover, Text ((Scroll)Button)
    14. What about a rewrite of all templates in this way: every title/text/newsfeed/etc-field in every template as module. for example: one image template with the options to choose between title/text/newsfeed. not seperated template files, but all in one… and possibility to mix: title + text or title + newsfeed or just newsfeed or just title, etc…
    15. backgrounds and drop-shaddows for containers with margin/space options inside and outside to have possibility for card-like-style of every section/template
    16. Randomize order of team members on team-template
    17. currently there is no pageination in template for search-result
    18. whatabout a cover template with video (local file) background?
  • todo for me:
    We want to integrate RSS in news-template, event-page with widgets for events (source will be remote caldav), file-view-template for a remote webdav-folder, integration of sub-text (under title) in both feature templates, and for sure: more =)
    When those things are done, i will publish tutorials/files for it in here. but the road is long =)

so… please show your work with shuffle template and inspire others in here =)


Thanks @demlak for starting this thread.

We just finished a website based on Shuffle 2.x


Unfortunately there is a problem with the language selection, that is probably caused by the theme.

ah well… i’m not using it anymore… the communication to dev was lagging too hard

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