K3.6 + Fiber + Pagination


I am trying to get my plugins compatible with k3.6 which works nice so far.
But, right now I am at a point I am not quite sure how to handle pagination with fiber.

With the podcaster plugin you can create several podcasts + feed. In the panel a podcast feed is a page + blueprint. Part of it is a tab showing download statistics. That data is shown in custom panel fields. Every feed (podcast) currently gets it own stats data via api calls.

I started building that with the new fiber setup, handing in data from php. The problem is: You can switch months in the panel. That was no problem when using the API, as I could just set the new date and do my api call to get the data.

But how do I do something like this with the fiber setup?

I would have to somehow get the selected date back to the php part and update the props. I just don’t get it… Maybe I am thinking to complicated. Can you give me a hint?

Or is there any way to get the csrf token in the panel fields? Up to K3.5 I could access it in panel.csrf this seems to be undefined now. Right now my api calls fail because of an 401 response (as the csrf header is undefined).

The other way would be to define some routes and protect them with a token - but I want to avoid that, if possible.

From looking at the source code, this now seems to be window.panel.$system.csrf

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Thank you, I was able to access it via this.$system.csrf :slight_smile:

This is a good starting point, to get it working again for now.
I am still curious if there is a “better” way, using the new fiber setup

Unless I am not up to date and missing something, Fiber is currently limited to areas, dialogs, dropdowns and search, and will come to sections and fields etc. at a later date.

Okay, thank you, then I am keeping my eyes and ears open.