Just Found someone using Bastian's Picture

Quick FYI,

I was on People per Hour, and I found someone using Bastian’s pic as his own:

Here’s his link if you want to report him: https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/mark/web-developer/184283

Wow, I’m speechless. What a jerk. I contacted People Per Hour and hope they can fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

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Even his name is fake. Earlier comments on his profile refer to him as Faisal. I guess this guy is just trying to comfort potential buyers with a reassuring name and a serious and professional looking profile picture. Can’t blame him for trying. But he could have used a freely available profile pic instead of stealing @bastianallgeier’s !

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This is really not funny, i had the same problem for a while too and this is really creepy…

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Idiots exists everywhere! :frowning:

If anyone here needs faces I can really recommend:


But never say that it’s you on any of the photos if you use them, if it’s not. As I see it, they are kind of like free stock images.

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I don’t know how this is handled in other countries, but I’m quite sure identity theft is illegal in Germany - no matter if it’s a stock photo or not. At least the guy removed my image. His excuse was ridiculous though: “I thought it looked nice, that’s why I used it”. Yeah, right! I just hope his work is at least his. I saw many examples, where people built such portfolios with stolen stuff from Behance and Dribbble just to get good jobs.


Looks like the portfolio has disappeared together with the photo …

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I always use https://randomuser.me/

For Tinder, Second Love, Dating Sites, etc… it works really great :stuck_out_tongue:

Most European countries have that right, at least;


BTW - https://www.tineye.com/search/697c807e90157ee4b5d005b65e98909267e9a7f1/

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https://randomuser.me/ is using http://uifaces.com. :slight_smile:


Identity theft is probably illegal in most decent countries. For most adults it’s also morally wrong to pretend to be someone you are not.

For kids it’s often a bit different (at least if they are from Sweden). They play around, take what they want, use it how they like anywhere. I know because I had a digital club with 25000 members about design a hundred years ago. The kids steal your design, stretch it out, compress it too much, make it 15MB, upload it on their own profile somewhere and then have the guts to ask for help to improve it. Just some own experience. :slight_smile:

I personally use uifaces photos together with for example anonymous quotes to make them more appealing. To make it clear that the person has nothing to do with the contents of the quote I always write “Arranged image” or something like that. It’s similar to what the news sites are doing as well. “The people on the picture has nothing to do with the article”

Something like this:

This seagull was not involved in the attack

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I love this site for avatars when designing UIs. The only problem with it is that its down half the time :confused:

I think I’d prefer avatars to real peoples’ faces in UIs.