Items on page not showing up past 10 items

Hi all,

This archive page:

After 10 items, no more thumbnails show up on the frontend of the archive page (see below screenshot there are 11 items):

Inside “Sections” > “archive.yml” I have:

type: pages
headline: Archive
info: "{{ page.tags }}"
  - exhibition
empty: No archive yet

Let me know if you need more info to get to the root of the problem.

ALSO, how can I have these show up in reverse order in the panel? Currently the top thumbnail in the panel is the one that shows up at the bottom on the front end (I’d like the front end and backend to be mirrored) if that makes sense.

The way I’m creating this page in the template is like so:

<div id="archive-container">   
    <?php foreach($articles as $article): ?>
        <article class="exhibition-archive">
          <header class="thumbnail-info">

              <a href="<?= $article->url() ?>">
                  <?php if ($thumbnail = $article->thumbnail()->toFile()): ?>
   <img class="<?= $thumbnail->orientation() ?>" src="<?= $thumbnail->url() ?>">
<?php endif ?>
                      <h2><?= $article->title()->html() ?></h2>
                  <h2><?= $article->gallery()->html() ?>, <?= $article->year() ?></h2>


<?php endforeach ?>

Perhaps it comes form this:
from site.php

return function($page) {

  // fetch the basic set of pages
  $articles = $page->children()->listed()->flip();

  // fetch all tags
  $tags = $articles->pluck('tags', ',', true);

  // add the tag filter
  if($tag = param('tag')) {
    $articles = $articles->filterBy('tags', $tag, ',');

  // apply pagination
  $articles   = $articles->paginate(10);
  $pagination = $articles->pagination();

  return compact('articles', 'tags', 'tag', 'pagination');


Figured it out!! through explaining it.

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