Issue with Auto-generated sorting number

Not sure if this is me not realising I’m doing something wrong or if it’s something that has changed from V2 to V3.

Let’s say I have 5 posts, all listed 1_ to 5_
I write a 6th posts and I’m ready to set the status to listed

I’m presented with this modal, select the correct status and hit change without manually selecting a position from the dropdown.


In k2 the new posts was placed at the end of the list and receive the correct number (in this case 6_) but right now looks like my kirby installation is inserting the new post at 1_ and is re-numbering all the previous posts.

Is that the intended behaviour?

Probably not what I would expect, either.

This looks like a bug to me unless it’s the intended behaviour for some reason :thinking:

Can‘t think of any, could you create an issue, please?

Done :ok_hand:

I guess now I’ll wait to find out if this is a bug or not.

This issue is now fixed on RC 3.0.1 and will be in the next release.

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