Issue Logging in to panel

I’m having an issue logging into the panel and I hope someone can help…

Clean install, go to panel and I create an account no problem; redirects to login and it’s all fine.

Go back to login later and using correct (trust me I’ve checked!!) details, I just get the form refreshing. It doesn’t even seem to validate as putting a garbage username/password produces the same result. If I delete the user.php file under panel/users/ then I get redirected to install again, but account creation now doesn’t work!!

The only way to get logged in again is to create a clean Kirby install, then copy over my content & theme files, then I am able to go through the above procedure again…

Please help! I really want to build my new site in Kirby but this issue is a but of a show-stopper!!

Thanks in advance,

Does this happen in any browser or is it a browser specific problem? Have you checked if you can find any error messages in the error logs? Maybe you could provide some more information about your environment as well (server, hosting provider etc.)

No messages in error logs unfortunately, and it happens in all browsers.

The server is my own VPS running a number of other sites without issues. Fully patched Debian Linux (can’t remember version right now) running PHP 5.4.x

Could it be a file permission or user rights thing? Your web server or php interpreter could lack some rights, or aomething. It’s really hard to tell what the issue is without seeing it all.
Try to provide as much info as possible.

I never did solve this directly; however switching out Apache for Nginx (no other changes) brought it all to life!

It might have been a session issue. I currently have a user with a misconfigured session setup. The panel doesn’t produce any usable warnings in such a case yet. It’s already on my list for 2.3. I’m glad your version works now though.