Is there such thing a file block, or video file(!) block?

I’m using blocks and I want that the client will be able to upload video files (not video links), Is there a way to achieve that?

My workaround was to change the image.php so it detects if the img file is a video - and if so, it adds a video tag instead of img tag. But I feel that this solution is a bit weird and also I can’t see any poster for the video in the panel, it looks like that:

this is a layout field of 2 images - the right one is an image and the left one is a video file - and it doesn’t show anything.

I don’t mind keeping this solution but maybe there’s a way to add some kind of a visual representation of the video file?

thanks in advance!

You’d better create a custom block for videos.

You can use this recipe as a basis: Creating a custom block type from scratch | Kirby CMS

OK thanks - I’ll do that :slight_smile: