Preview a poster image

I have a video fieldset for my layout field where a poster image can be chosen.
I can’t make this poster image to work as the ‘preview’ for this block in the panel.

It would be essentially the same idea as the image block, that previews the image you upload.

Is there a way to achieve that?

name: Video
icon: video
preview: image
    label: Video (URL)
    type: url
    help: The video url needs to be generated as an .mp4 file from Vimeo, etc
    label: Poster
    type: files
    multiple: false
      back: black

Take a look at the custom block in my Video plugin. It actually plays the video itself as a preview in the panel. Wouldnt take much to tweak that tho.

If you want to use the image preview, you would have to use a custom block type (i.e. you would have to give your video block a different name, because if you use the same name, it will use the default video preview).

As @jimbobrjames already said, creating a custom preview is no big deal, if you want to play the video rather than show the poster images.

Or, if you would rather keep the name video, it would also be quite easy to create a custom preview for the poster file.

@jimbobrjames thanks for the reply! your plugin is amazing :slight_smile:
I’m actually using a CDN so the video file is never a local video, but a link.

Tried replacing the files field for an url but obviously no preview occurs.

Is there an easy way to approach this?