Is it possible to restore deleted content?

All content by template was deleted - “page.delete” field was used for displaying true/false value, which was used for marking content to confirm delete. Kirby deleted content instead of showing field’s value in “kirby-pagetable” plugin. Is it possible to restore data?

If you don’t have the content under version control or a backup (or your hosting service makes regular backups, if this happened on the server), you cannot restore deleted data.

In general, be careful with field names that are the same as Kirby’s methods.

Yes, now I know. We had nightly backup, so only few hundred records lost.

But it is very dangerous to allow executing such methods on fields.

Could you post the code that resulted in this issue?

In any case, I created an issue on GitHub:


exactly, that was the case:

        extends: sections/notes
        headline: Drafts
        status: draft
        info: "{{page.delete}}"

AngularJS in similar situations adds additional ‘confirm’, like AngularJS . We could do something similar in Kirby - delete, update could be marked as ‘dangerous’, and you would need to call some wrapper instead.

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