Is it possible to define wich role can creat useres with which roles?

I have the problem that I have some roles who should be able to create new users with a specific role.

Boss - is allowed to create more Bosses, Publisher, Editors and Visitors
Publishers - are allowed to create Editors or Visitors
Editors - are allowed to create visitors
Visitor - can’t create users

I know how to turn of the rights for user creation which I need for the visitors.
But I have no idea how to restrict the other roles to only generate users with roles as you see above.

Thanks for your time.

I think, this is currently not possible via blueprint setup:

As @Cris wrote. However, you can either use hooks to achieve this and maybe it even works with custom user models. Haven’t tested that yet, though.

Ok, thanks to you both.
I’ll try it as soon as possible.