User role permissions

In my project I have three roles, admin, manager and editor. The admin of course can edit and all users. The manager should be able to add new editors and edit them. I have the following blueprint for the manager

        panel: true
        site: true
        settings: false
        users: true
        changeRole: false
        delete: false

With this blueprint the manager can also edit the administrators password and email. This of course should not be possible. How can I prevent the other roles to edit user(s) with admin role?

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As far as I know there is no such restriction feature. There is an idea about that:

But I think you can do what you want with hooks:

Thank you for the fast reply and tipps. I will have a look into hooks, always good dive into something new :slight_smile:
But still, I think the possibility to prevent users to change an admin should be a default feature.

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