Integers in Radio fields

I have a blueprint with a select field like this:

  label: Pricelist
  type: radio
    "4200": "Maserati 4200"
    "ghibli": "Maserati Ghibli"

But problem is, for the Ghibli, it saves the Value “ghibli”, everything working fine. But for the 4200, it saves the value “Maserati 4200”, means the Label. Any idea why? Cause of the integer?

I have also tested without the double quotes but without success.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: haven’t seen this before^^

For all others who looking after this, if you want to store numeric keys as values, you have to use the long notation with value and text :

    label: Category
    type: radio
      - value: '100'
        text: Design
      - value: '200'
        text: Architecture