Installing new Theme LEMMON PORTFOLIO doesn't work

Hey guys,

I hope everybody is fine and safe and healthy.

I tried to install the Theme called LEMMON PORTFOLIO but it doesn’t work. I get the attached error…

This is the theme:

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong…

By the way, I try to work locally first with MAMP on my Mac OS.

Would be great if somebody knows that the hell is going on…

Thanks for reading this and maybe givin’ me some hints…



As said in

run composer install within the project root directory

If necessary, you must Install Composer first.

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Okay, cool. Thank you so much for your answer.

I will check it.


Hey Buddy,

I got it.

It’s working now and I installed Composer. There was a tiny error with the php version terminal outputted, but I solved with the code:

composer update --ignore-platform-reqs

Thank you so much!



Alternativelly you can use one-liner:

composer create-project lemmon/kirby-portfolio
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