Installation Issue on Media Temple DV server

Hi there,
I’m new to Kirby and having trouble with my first install. I believe it has something to do with server/folder permissions but I’m stumped on how to fix it.

Following kirby install directions, the starter site does not load media files or css, and the panel page is blank with 403 errors in the console for app.css, vendor.js, app.js, etc.

By changing all permissions to 777 (not sustainable) this problem is solved.

On the Media Temple DV server, the system prompts to create a unique user for each website (zone file). This is the owner of all files and folders within that site. I see other threads recommending changing the user to www-data, but when I list all users on my server that one does not exist. I’ve changed the user for all files in the website to root, and to apache, but neither of these solve the issue.

Any ideas?

The standard permission settings for files and folders must be 644/755.

The webserver user on a standard apache server is usually www-data in the group www-data. Whatever this webserver user and group is on your system, you have to set the user and group settings to this user.

Not familiar with Media Temple, maybe you can contact their support for help?

And welcome to the Kirby community.

Thank you very much! I did contact Media Temple and they discovered the problem. I will post it here in case others run into this issue.

The problem was actually not with Media Temple but with Plesk and a new default nginx setting that they are auto-selecting for websites. The solution was to go into Plesk’s Apache and nginx settings, and uncheck the box “Smart static files processing”.

Hope this saves someone some troubleshooting hours!