Install Starterkit Local environment on Windows


this is my first message on kirby forum. I’m really excited about creating my site with this CMS, I try to install starterkit in a local environment on Windows but I face an issue. I’m using MAMP, I put Kirby folder (starterkit-main) into C:\MAMP\htdocs. Then i past http://localhost:8888/starterkit-main in my browser but this message appears " localhost n’autorise pas la connexion". I’m a newbie maybe I made a mistake. Can you help me please ?

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Is port 8888 really your setting? Have you tried without the port, i.e. just http://localhost/starterkit-main.

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New message now with http://localhost/starterkit-main

"# Cette page ne fonctionne pas

Impossible de traiter cette demande via localhost à l’heure actuelle.


Ok, 8888 is the default port.

Do you get a connection to the default page in the root when you open


in the browser?

Problem is fixed now, starterkit-main was in starterkit-main (1). So I deleted starterkit-main (1) Thank you for your help.