Import CSV -> Pages

Hi @texnixe,

I hope you’re well.

I was wondering if you have a v3 version of your CSV Handler plugin or another way to achieve the same thing?

The Kirby debugger shows it’s not finding the class (CsvHandler) or namespace (SonjaBroda).

I could write my own script, but if there is an updated version of your plugin out there or similar, I’d be interested. Virtual pages is not suitable for my use case.

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I was going to add this functionality to my kirby3-spreadsheet plugin, there is already a PageGenerator, but not completely implemented yet.

@simon-hayden Anyupdates on that front?
I’m trying to turn an Airtable CSV to a set of pages but I’m struggling!

You could use the function from the virtual pages example and combine that with the code from the recipe I posted in the other thread.

@tart2000 In the end, I just wrote a little PHP snippet to parse the CSV and then create pages with the Kirby API: