Handling images resizing when using a CSV as a database

Basically, I’m trying to turn a CSV that I downloaded from Airtable into the starting point of my site.
I have managed to get the content using this guide:

But one of the fields contains images and I’m not sure how to proceed.

(I also have to images on my laptop)

I have tried:

  • parsing the field in PHP to extract the Airtable url. It kind of works but some of these images are massive and I can’t find a way to resize them…
  • parsing the field to get just the image name and then manually adding the images (either in assets or in the content folder) but I have the same problem with resizing.

I hope my message is clear…
Any help is welcome.

Does it make sense to keep these pages as virtual pages? How about creating real pages and downloading the images into the page folders?

Well not necessarily…
I’ve been trying to use a bash script to turn the CSV into pages but without success :frowning:

You can also do this with Kirby’s API. While this example is about content from a form, it would be the same procedure: https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/forms/creating-pages-from-frontend

I have never tried to use remote assets with virtual pages, but maybe that’s possible. Have to try.

OK thanks.
It doesn’t directly make sense to me but I’ll try and adapt it to my need.
Actually, like you suggested, I could just do a one time thing…
I had to use Airtable at the beginning but now, I’m hoping to use Kirby as the main content source.

If you get stuck just ask, or send me the .csv file for tinkering.

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See PM for a solution.

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