Using CSV as Virtual Pages and Update


I can see you can use a CSV to create virtual pages, brill!

What i’d like to do is allow my users to be able to edit that data from the front end. Is there any way that virtual pages can be page update in this way or is it read only?

I guess you could use Google Sheets and the Google API to fetch the CSV data into Kirby. That way the spreadsheet itself can be editied and has a live connection to the site. Or did you mean something else?

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I think csv files are not easy to handle for updating, you would at least need a library ( An alternative would be Excel files, but they need a library as well (unless you want to code all that stuff yourself, of course :wink).

As @jimbobrjames suggested, an API might be the better option (it doesn’t have to be Google, think Airtable, etc.)

Thank you. I shall look at these options.