Imageuploadfiled at structurefield

I created a structure field, my first one :).
And now I need a upload field or another possibility to connect a image directly to the fieldconstruct.
Like if I have an adresstable and every adress can have a logo.

Do you need direct access from the structure entry modal to file uploads? If not you can just upload the files and use a text field to add the filename to the structure entry.

this question is maybe related: Panel field for files with autocomplete

basically its not a problem to solve this with the filename entry solution.
But a better usabillity solution would be the file upload from the structure field if its possible.

Image upload is not possible out of the box. An alternative is probably using a select field, maybe even @DieserJonas’ plugin within the structure field so that the user doesn’t have to enter the filename manually. If you use the new builder plugin by @timoetting, you would even get an image preview within the structure field, I guess.

thanks for the links to the plugins. I found also the builderplugin yesterday evening.
I will see whats fit best. I think the selectorplugin will do also the job.